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3 Reasons Why It's Time to Update Your Shower Head

Shower head
Replace your old, boring shower head with one of the innovative new shower heads available from top quality bathroom-fixture manufacturers. Here are three compelling reasons to switch your old shower head with a beautiful new fixture.

1. Your Lifestyle Requires More Shower Flexibility

Permanently fixed shower heads are inevitably mounted too low for some users and too high for other folks. You also can't detach fixed shower heads to wash seated people who have mobility issues or to target your sore muscles after a long hike. Many older fixed shower heads also offer only one spray pattern, which limits comfort.

When you renovate your shower for flexibility, mount several shower heads at staggered heights in the same enclosure to accommodate all family members. Your plumber can add the connections and fittings necessary for multiple shower heads on one wall.

You could also install a multi-function or hand-held shower head. You can use the shower head throughout the tub/stall thanks to the pivoting shower arms and flexible hose works. Some multi-function shower systems also release a horizontal steam spray and an overhead rain or jet spray at the same time for two-shower-head luxury.

2. You Want a More Stylish Bathroom

When you've recently ordered glass doors or a glass enclosure for your shower, you want a stylish shower head hanging from the stone or tile surface inside the shower stall. Everyone can see straight into the shower now. An ordinary shower head will look cheap and uninspiring against the elegant background of your refreshed tub or shower stall.

Choose a shower head with an updated look to add instant charm and character to your shower. A squareshaped shower head enhances a modern or industrial-style bathroom, while brass and copper shower heads look great with dark wood and terracotta tiles.

Enjoy a detachable shower head that presents an LED color show and offers adjustable water temperatures. Or, choose a shower head with built-in speakers to hear your favorite motivational readings or relaxing tunes as you rinse off the grime.

Choose a sleek, futuristic hand shower or a retro farmhouse-hardware look to create the showering oasis of your dreams. Go for an Italianate sculptural essence with an ornate copper shower head, or present a serene, minimalist vibe with a clean-lined, geometric shower head. Your plumber knows how to make each type of fixture work with your existing plumbing system.

3. You Need a Water-Conserving Shower Head

If your well goes dry often, or you live where water pressure is notoriously low, you need a shower head that doesn't need a lot of water flow to make a decent spray. Some showers are water hogs that consume up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute (gpm).

In contrast, WaterSense label shower heads conserve water. The sustainable shower heads require less than 2 gpms to deliver a comparable shower experience.

People who need low-flow, water conserving showers include those who live in the following places:
  • Tiny homes and RVs
  • Homes supplied by wells or rain catchment
  • Areas subject to drought
  • Areas with low water pressure
  • Hunting camps and seasonal housing
In the average household, showers make up around 17 percent of the home's total water use. If you pay for wastewater discharge based on your water use, a new water-conserving shower head can lower your water and sewer bills.

When you're on a septic system, you want to use as little water as possible to avoid overloading your septic lines, tank, and drain field. Shower heads that conserve water help protect your septic system while providing good shower pressure. Ask your plumber more about all of the new shower heads available for lowwater-use applications.

To schedule installation of your new shower head in the Concord, California area, contact First Class Water Heaters Inc today. We can help you with all of your plumbing needs.