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Garbage Disposal Repairs in Concord, California

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Making Cleaning Up Easy

At First Class Water Heaters Inc., we understand how convenient it is to be able to simply grind leftovers and food left on plates and utensils down the drain with the garbage disposal. A disposal makes it easier to clean the dishes and sink, saving you from moving soggy chunks of food to the trash can.
Garbage disposals, however, are often misused, causing clogs, leaks and other problems. When the food residue is too large, or there is a lot of it, it can overwhelm your disposal, leaving you without this modern convenience.

Repairing or Replacing Your Disposal

If your disposal stops turning on, has a constant bad odor, it clogs or jams even with small food particles or you hear abnormally loud grinding noises, your garbage disposal may need to be repaired or replaced. Our skilled technicians will quickly respond to your service needs, examine your garbage disposal and provide the repairs or installation you need to return your kitchen to normal.

The Local Professionals You Can Trust

Our local, expertly trained and licensed team will work with you to repair or replace your garbage disposal as soon as possible. We use only the highest-quality tools and parts, so with our repairs, you can be confident in your disposal again. When we replace your garbage disposal, we install brands we trust for their reliability and longevity, like Badger 5. With a high-quality disposal, you can wash dishes stress-free.

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If your garbage disposal is clogged, the blades are dull or you are experiencing another problem with your disposal, our expert team can help. Call us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your appointment. Our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions you have and provide a free estimate.